My Rugby Stadium Love Affair

“I love stadiums. Each of the arena where rugby is played is emphatically different; each has its own appearance,atmosphere and facilities, its own concept of design,whether uniform, even bowl-like, or piecemeal, bunged together bit by bit as each wedge of cash has become available. The greatness or otherwise lies in something other than the identity of the team that plays in them, lies even in something other than the atmosphere created by the crowd there.”

From “Midnight Rugby” by Stephen Jones

First of all..a confession..I have long seen myself as a fan of the round rather than the oval ball game. Yes, I’ve made the annual pilgrimage to Twickenham for a club final, but I have watched far more football than rugby over the years.

Partly this was down to simple choice. There are loads of first class football teams in London, where I live. But of the four teams that contest the annual “London double-header” season-opener at Twickenham only one – Harlequins – actually have a London postcode. The other three play their home games in High Wycombe, Reading and Watford – and not even the most rose-tinted estate agent eould claim these were part of London.

But over recent seasons I have been watching more rugby than football.Perhaps because it is cheaper and easier to buy tickets…perhaps I have learned to enjoy the more intimate atmosphere from smaller stadia….and perhap I am simply fed up with the constant , unbridled hype that constantly surrounds football’s Premiership.

I now publish a website ( that has a simple aim:-to provide the travelling rugby fan with all the information he needs to get the most from his rugby travels.

This blog will supplement that website, by detailing my rugby travels.

I hope you enjoy sharing those experiences…………