Some thoughts on Adams Park

I’ve always had a soft spot for London Wasps, and when I came across the following story I can understand why….

As a reasonably well-established rugby club by the latter part of the nineteenth century Wasps were eligible to be founder members of the Rugby Football Union. A meeting was scheduled for January 26,1871, for the formalities to take place. However a mix-up led Wasps to sending their representative to the wrong venue,at the wrong time on the wrong day. So he was not present at the inauguration ceremony and Wasps forfeited their right to be call founder members of the RFU But the version I prefer is that the Wasps man went to another pub of the same name and got so drunk he never made it to the right venue.

The club’s biggest present day problem is that they are having to share with a football club, and there will be no long-term prosperity until they reap the financial benefits of playing in their own stadium. That prospect appears further and further away. Indeed, the latest rumour is that Wasps will ground-share with Brentford F.C. when (and if) the latter move into their proposed brand new stadium near Kew Bridge in west London.


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