Since when did a game of rugby last 100 minutes

I needed to leave the house by 4.15 last Saturday. So I reckoned I could watch the England match with New Zealand and  be off in plenty of time. But come 4.15 and I was still waiting for the final whistle. Among the many comments on the match was one which caught my eye…a supposedly 80 minute game had lasted 110 minutes!

Then I remembered that for Lee Dickson’s potential try in the first half  the video referee was shown eight separate slow-motion replays.After a delay so long that Dan Cole could shave off his beard and grow it back again , there finally came a verdict…..inconclusive,so no try.

Then near the end of Scotland’s match with South Africa on Sunday there was a farcical discussion between the ref and the TMO  that caused a three minute delay thus allowing a review  turn into a mini-series.

So if the technology exists to allow the USA know what the German Chancellor has ordered for supper on her mobile phone, surely it must be possible for the man in the middle to communicate with the man in the stand somewhat quicker…?


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