European Rugby Champions Cup – Jobs for the Old Boys

We have only recently come to the conclusion of the two-year conflict between unions and professional leagues over the future of European rugby, a conflict which threatened to tear the European game apart.

Now it transpires that the organizers of the new European Rugby Champions Cup have been forced to sub-contract the running of the inaugural tournament to the very organization it was killing off! Ex-European Rugby Cup employees are to administer the competition for the whole of the 2014/15 season. European Professional Club Rugby , the new umbrella body, has entered into a “service agreement” with ERC, providing a stay of execution for the company which operated the European Cup from its inception in 1995 until the end of last season.

That is despite the chairman of Premier Rugby,Quentin Smith, on record as declaring ” there will no longer be a need for ERC” once a breakaway competition had been established . He also branded ERC as “no longer fit for purpose.”

It would appear that European Professional Club Rugby isn’t  so fit for purpose itself. Perhaps they are too busy house-hunting in their new base of Neuchatel in Switzerland.


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