Pst…Want a ticket for the World Cup Final?

Tickets for the 2015 Rugby World cup went on general sale last Friday and,with a sharp intake of breath, I began to place my order. It quickly became an exercise in controlled exasperation, and not only at the slow speed of the website, because it seemed that the lungs of rugby-loving folk were to be stretched by the high price and low availability of Twickenham tickets.

It’s the usual story. The corporate world takes its inflated allocation  and distributes tickets  to sponsors and “commercial partners.” What FIFA’s President Sepp Blatter would no doubt call the “Rugby Family”

But don’t worry. According to a report in the Daily Telegraph “Britain’s most notorious ticket fraudster” could sell you a ticket for up to £1750. And the general sale had not even began before tickets on the secondary market were being offered on other websites for up to £8850 – 44 times face value.

We ordinary fans will no doubt be left to scrabble for the handful of tickets thrown by the RWC2015 Suits from the back of the Red Cross lorry

Mike Miles


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