Once a Wasp, now a Sarrie?

There has been a lot of coverage of Wasps’ proposed move to Coventry, much  of it focusing on the potential effect on other West Midlands rugby clubs.

There is no doubt competition in the Midlands is going to be hard for a side which is leaving its already modest fan base two hours to the south.But what will be the reaction of those “London ” clubs they are leaving behind. Presumably the Premiership bosses must be hoping London Welsh stay up, or the traditional “London Double Header” start to the season disappears from their planning.

I fully expect Saracens to mount some over-the -top campaign or other to try and win over the disaffected fans Wasps will leave behind. When Sarries left Bramley Road 20 years ago to move first to Enfield,then to Watford, there was an almighty roar  from the faithful, but the decision to offend these men and their dogs looks quaint and endearing now when you survey their splendid new home at Allianz Park.

Mind you, Sarries’ balance sheet may not bear much in the way of scrutiny just yet…..

Mike Miles


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