Cut out the “Entertainment”

In a few weeks time the 2015 Six Nations will kick off,so here is my “six nations wish list”. Its not that every game not be analyzed within a World Cup context. No, It is simply that they stop all the pre-match “entertainment”.

This is you…..miming bands…dance troups…and while we’re about it…no be-jeanned drunks in kicking competitions..and how about doing away with those on pitch interviews..”We may have lost 45-0, but we will learn the lessons..”

And  no television people wandering up and down the field pre-match as players try to warm up (but how about a kicking competition aimed at the head of such people), And no interviews with coaches during the match and a one-way trip to Channel 5 for anyone bothering some poor battered soul on his way to the dressing room at half-time with a microphone.

When this silence is achieved we can contemplate life and sport without a blitz of noise and someone telling us when to clap.Has any fan ever wanted more of this?

Perhaps we could try this as an experiment….one lasting about 20 years.

Mike Miles


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