Money talks on the Calendar just as it does with Everything else

As the start of the Six nations looms, there is the regular reminder from those in charge of the tournament that it is the jewel in rugby’s crown that does not need rearranging. The Six Nations chief executive,John Feelan,harrumphed at the prospect of the tournament starting earlier or later as part of an attempt to rationalize the global calendar and reduce the strain on leading players. “You mess with it at your peril,”he said.

This year talks over  a global season resume ,opening the prospect of the Six Nations being moved in the calendar, although that would probably amount to nothing more radical than starting a few weeks earlier in January – as the Five Nations used to do.

So why is the tournament starting this year on a Friday night in Cardiff to the complete inconvenience of most of those who buy tickets. With public transport an option for only a few of the spectators traveling from England,roads will be the only practical route to Wales’s capital city on the busiest day of the week. Better set off now.

The Six Nations might like to bang on about tradition but it can be bought ,as the Friday night kick off shows. It is a time decided by the broadcasters, not those running the game, and designed to suit the television audience.

It leads to only one conclusion. The Six Nations will be moved from February/March if the price is right. The game is run by those who pay…..not those who are paid to do so

Mike Miles