Change this Promotion Mess

Another weekend, another thrashing. and when its London Irish putting 50 points past you at home you know you are in trouble. London Welsh’s second stint in the Premiership has been an ugly stain on not only the face of English rugby but the reputation of one of the oldest clubs in the world.Welsh have a formidable legal team behind them, whose persistence created this sorry mess in the first place , and one hopes they are successful challenging the injustices surrounding the funds available to Premiership newcomers.

But it is another injustice that needs just as much attention.As talking points go, this one is being done to death I know, but it cannot be talked about too much.The play-off system for promotion to the Premiership must be scrapped.The damage to everyone’s reputation was done not so much at the end of last season when Welsh used their parachute payment to regain their place in the top flight, but two years before that when they were promoted in the first place.

Except they were not in the first place.Welsh went up as the fourth best team in the Championship and were clearly not ready.Premiership rugby should have focused then less on the obviously flawed argument surrounding primacy of tenure and more on the dismantling of a play-off system, designed by the RFU, whose findings re the best team or otherwise in the Championship they were obliged to accept. They should still be fighting to dismantle it.

Mike Miles